AU in which dancer!shane lives in the apartment above starving artist!reed and keeps him awake at night with the noises of constant rehearsal…that is, until reed decides to give his upstairs neighbor a piece of his mind

What Every Summer Is Like For People Who Hate It »


This is Dwight during the annual Dalton Academy summer parties.
The poor thing likes “middle” weather. Doesn’t like snow, doesn’t like summer… He supposes spring and fall are decent enough.

Chapter 29 spoilers - 

"Justin!! Oh my god! I’m glad you’re on, I—"
"Laura, you had better not be in this continent again, I promise you—"
"No no, nothing like that, listen—remember that ‘mission’ you sent me on?"
"Oh. Yes, that one."
"Well, I’ve done it! I’ve done it! I have found it. I have gotten that which will save you!"
"And you know what I want in exchange."
"Yes, yes, education in the colonies. Now what is it?"

Danny stared. “…dear god, what is that?”
Justin kept staring, partly aghast, partly horrified at the screen. “I haven’t the slightest, myself. I’d never seen them act like that.”
"Well…what are you gonna do?"
"I…" Justin carefully closed his laptop, "am going to ask someone to prom."

Wes: (slumped over in the couch, face in his hands, his phone on the coffee table as far from him as possible)
David: Hey man, what’s wrong?
Wes: (suffering tone) You know…I should be happy.
Wes: I really really should be happy that my parents are like…you know, they’re totally in love and all that, I know some of the guys don’t have that…
David: (patting his back as the Twins peek in) Yeah…?
Wes: but…I’m NOT HAPPY RIGHT NOW. TT I’m not happy when THAT happens. (waves to the phone)
David: When what happens?
Wes: (to the Twins peeking at his phone) Burn it, please.
Twins: (peeking at the message, dissolving in hysterical laughter) SHE SAID SHE WAS SORRY! XDDD

Fathers Day 2014

The Twins bought their dad Mario Kart and challenged him to a game. …by this, we mean they had an insane track built in the house they’ve got in Connecticut, and modified gokarts. According to Audee, they’re still out there, racing each other.

Wes gave his father a Colt 3rd Model Dragoon revolver in a beautiful case. His dad loves it. They’re going to have lunch today in one of their restaurants. Entire staff terrified—need to make everything right for the boss and his family. Security very excellent.

David and his dad aren’t in the country. They’re in Brazil, to watch World Cup, because his dad had never been to one.

Anderbros spent a truly stiff Fathers’ Day breakfast with dad, where they presented him with charming gifts like fountain pens and new ties. Efforts were made and appreciated.

Then both bolted with Blaine joining Kurt and presenting Burt Hummel with his present, football tickets. Shane went with Reed, who waited until Reed came back from seeing HIS dad, Winston Davis. He brought him a painting.

While Reed was there, he ran into his stepbrother Clark who was also with Winston and had bought him a new car.

Clark told Reed he liked Reed’s present better, because it was personally made, and not impersonal like his own gift to Winston. Reed also took the time to go with Clark to Levi’s grave.

Justin got his dad a new horse. In the saddlebags were a brand new pair of boxing gloves. The two of them were out riding all morning and were back in time for some fathers’ day event where both Justin and Laura attended and were very behaved.

Paxton Willis was at work until daylight and he emerged from the building and got himself tackled to the ground by his twin children. The other military officials around them just laughed.

Their present for him was a painting of him made to look like gen. Patton. Which was made by Spencer. Which Paxton was very surprised to hear but patted his boy’s shoulder for. Sydney had cookies for him, but not a lot because she kept eating dough.

Danny sent his father an engraved pen. He couldn’t call him or see him directly, so he left the present with the secretary.

Surprisingly it was Ernie who went to see Derek today and not the other way around. Derek was in the process of finishing up wrapping his present (it was some kind of juice blender for workout smoothies or something). It was a little awkward, but Ernie appreciated the present and said he and Derek should have lunch to talk. They were gone all day.

Logan sent his father a gold statuette of an anatomically correct penis with the engraving, “Thank you for trying very hard to give a crap lately.” It pops confetti. Michelle is still trying to breathe.

Julian presented his father with a knitted hat, knowing that his father’s next film involved very low temperature locations. This was made doubly impressive with the fact that Julian made the hat himself, which shows the great advancement of his coordination with his hands.

Travis was very very glad to receive it, and urged his son to continue resting.

Dwight made no attempts to contact his father. He did send a chocolate cake to Lucas’ father. His present for the day went to Ford, and the present was a sword, probably bought from a craftsman. It was engraved and says, “We continue to fight our demons.” echoing Ford’s legacy letter.

Dwight was also the first person to arrive at Mr. Harvey’s grave. The other Warblers arrived not long after.

CP: So apparently, huge over-the-top weddings are in again.
Kurt: So that means…
Reed: (holds up megaphone) WE CAN DO WHATEVER THE HECK WE WANT!! 
Kurt: (into his own) LET’S GO, PEOPLE!!
Katherine: <3 yay!
David: Can we…like…afford all this, I mean I’d rather we spent the money on your hosp—
Twins: okay, THEN WE WILL.
Reed: Is it so wrong that we want you to marry in STYLE?
David: Look, you people can get carried away—
Merril: HEY so my uncle talked to those people who can give us like truckloads of flowers in harry potter color themes—
Derek: Well, I suppose I can ask dad about the castle.
Derek: My exes in Dobry told me to help build the Hogwarts castle thing.
David: YOU GUYS.
Hope: I’d say an eight-foot train would be nice, Katherine.
Sydney: Where are we on that diadem, by the way?
Reed: Look, David, you’re the groom, nobody will blame you if you just wanna sit down and say yes to whatever we like.
Casey: Technically, only her opinion will count. (jerks thumb to Katherine already happily sampling desserts)

Which reminds me. I think you guys may be interested in seeing how the Blogan relationship progresses here on out.

I mean, they’re not getting back together or anything, but they obviously have reached someplace past the general loathing that they’ve had.

Like, in Siege, it was Blaine that grounded Logan’s charged temper in Warblers’ Hall. There’s something about their history that’s keeping them aligned together in their own way.

Like Logan says, it happened a long time ago and it vanished into a crack in the planet, but they really did love each other once.

And now they have Kurt to link the both of them too. They’ve basically moved past the archnemesis stage that they were in during the early episodes and now co-exist in a non-hostile, almost amiable way.


CP: Whenever I hear Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous by Good Charlotte, I picture a montage of those rich brats getting caught/arrested as cameras flash and they get dragged off to reform. 

British Rowing Team Blesses The World Again By Stripping Down To Fight Homophobia »


CP: Justin, you realize this might be your future.
Justin: I don’t really mind, honestly.
Spencer: (shakes head) Girls back home where you live are gonna lose their minds.
Justin: Not everyone on the rowing team is eighteen. >_>
Danny: Then get the ones who are. (blinks)
Merril: Or tell them it’s art.
Justin: Merril, you’re not helpful.
Merril: (giggles)

Spencer: (mimblewimble) Can’t we just donate.
Nicky: We need to get the community engaged.
Jeff: (wince) …can’t we just ask Windsor to do it, they’ll do it, they don’t mind.Hanovers: (grab Jeff) YOU NEED TO GET NAKED, MAN, IT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE.

Derek: And me.
Logan: You think there’s a woman in this country who hasn’t seen you naked??
Derek: (bristles at him)
Casey: (snorts chocolate milk out of her nose, has to go out)
Logan: (rolls eyes, irritated) I don’t even want to think about the kind of fuss Jules’ management will kick up if Stuart tries to use him to sell calendars.


Meeting someone, kitten?

It’s him waiting for someone at a bar, the night after they broke their first deal. That they wouldn’t even so much as kiss.

Obviously, that was shot to all hell. He’s a little anxious.

Between the two of them, I honestly couldn’t tell who was happier more relieved to see the other that night. 

They’d never admit it, they’d die before admitting it, but it must’ve been sweet to see the other smile over the orange light.

The caption for the picture should be: …should I have really kissed him? Was that absolutely necessary? God, he’s probably not even gonna show up now. This is so stupid I can’t believe I did that. Okay, I can do this… Just…deep breath. It probably wasn’t a big deal. It was just one…deal. Right?

And then cue Sebastian looking windblown and snug in his coat, skidding to a stop at the entryway as if he just caught himself at the last minute to “be cool, damn it” and looking around.

And Julian looks up and Sebastian sees him and he can’t help it, he just smiles in something like relief and something else, and dear god, he hopes he wasn’t flushed because he does not flush unless drunk.

…and Julian smiles back in relief too. And it looks really pretty to see in that orange glow of lamplight.

They spend the rest of the night pretending they’re totally cool and unaffected. As usual. It would’ve been believable…had their fingers not found their way to link to each other over the bartop.

And if after the first drink they decided to see how that drink tasted on the other’s lips.