Something I should have done a while ago- Hope/Sydney. Because… do I need a reason!?

"…he had the choice to run and leave you…but he didn’t. He chose you.”

Charlie: (looks directly into camera like he's on The Office)
❝ Logan is basically Regina George, he is somehow the top of the social food chain even though he despises everyone and has two friends. ❞

- George


E28: Justin and Charlie fight for custody of their kids by reenacting Les Mis.


hi im julian larson welcome to jackass [jumps from the third floor of a burning building]


Every time you see a post about Britain and America just replace those words with Justin and Sydney

ummm do you happen to know who's responsible for changing the Warblerland website's title to Alfalfa Academy because I need to go thank them for being brilliant I am lAughing so hard

Yeah.. that’d be me. I’ve cracked and gone insane. I’m so keeping it up there for as long as possible.