If Dalton were a TV series, I would put so many running gags in the background…

Spencer eats snacks constantly and takes snacks out of his pockets and offers them to other people.

Derek takes pictures of his coffee and posts them up on Instagram.

Whenever Justin gets into a car, he looks really confused because he’s still adjusting to the idea that the driver’s seat is on the wrong side.

So many things I would do.

Julian “making everyone in a 100 meter radius (except for Logan that thickheaded boy) swoon for him” Larson everyone!

❝ I am innocent. ❞



— CP Coulter


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Something I should have done a while ago- Hope/Sydney. Because… do I need a reason!?

"…he had the choice to run and leave you…but he didn’t. He chose you.”

Charlie: (looks directly into camera like he's on The Office)
❝ Logan is basically Regina George, he is somehow the top of the social food chain even though he despises everyone and has two friends. ❞

- George


E28: Justin and Charlie fight for custody of their kids by reenacting Les Mis.