How to tell when Stuarts are having a bad day:

One time, Reed walked downstairs into the common room wearing a Jeremy Scott coat thing that looked like he murdered a rainbow unicorn and used its mane as a coat. No one batted an eye.

One day, Lucas left Kelly with Dwight, who was reading a book, for a second. He came back to find that Kelly had put nearly two dozen ponytails on Dwight’s head and Dwight didn’t even look up.

"Hey, uh…Shane?" 
"Yeah? Hey, what’s up?" 
"…oh screw it. Have you ever had sex?!" 

Learning. Age of discovery. So magical. He was curious. In the last spoilers, he’d asked Kurt. But Kurt hadn’t had any sex yet, and so who else will he ask but Shane? XD He didn’t think he’d get asked that question by REED of all people.

Derek: (middle of quiet library of students working)
Derek’s iPhone’s Siri: (loudly) “Hey Penis-Brain, you have a message.”
Entire Library: O.O
Derek: (SCARLET, flailing, grabs his phone, FLEES)
Windsor Conspirators: (dying of laughter behind the library)
(message from iamthecaterpillar) : “Alright, I did what you wanted, pay up.”
Wes: Yeah, just give us a second. XDDDDDDDDD

Charlie: Dammit, guys—!! (pulls alarm)
Kurt: (hands over fire extinguisher) How many times do I have to tell you people to stop attempting to cook when you have no idea what you’re doing??
BlaineI didn’t do it!! (gestures to the others) They—


And fact is, he has to get to Art School first.

If you’re wondering where the boys are: THEY’RE AT COMIC CON

It’ll be not so hard identifying Windsors. They all banded together and went as the House Party Protocol.

I once mentioned that the Cheshire Kitty knew how to knit. He’s doing it again, to get his hands steady and to move them normally again. And when you’re mostly stuck in bed, there’s nothing else to do.

I bet his two best friends will get some knitted stuff in the mail.

We need to talk about how Reed Van Kamp is growing.

Kurt: (staring at Reed, who is on the ground) …what happened?
Reed: …I hit my head.
Kurt: On what?
Reed: On one of the racks.
Kurt: Do you need help getting up?
Reed: …no, just…
Reed: …that didn’t happen before. Like…ever.
Kurt: You didn’t use to be tall enough to hit your head on the rack, right…
Reed: Is there hope for me??
Kurt: …Blaine’s still taller.
Reed: (groan, flop)

Satoru: I grew too!
Drew: (pulling down a growth chart behind his best buddy) Yup! 3.8 centimeters!