sometimes i stay up at night because i remember that julian and logan are still up in the air and daltons not done

#i’m not even in the glee fandom any more but i still care about dalton


Because I am left without supervision and I felt like doing Dalton reaction gifs


Dalton AU  AU where Spencer dies in combat but comes back to watch over his precious Merril

I cried out with no reply
and I can’t feel you by my side
so I’ll hold tight to what I know
you’re here and I’m never alone


well yes of course i want my otp to be happy 

but first let me see one of them choking back tears at a hospital bedside while the other lies in a coma (◉‿◉✿)

Dalton text posts meme | 8/?

Dalton text posts meme | 5/?

Dalton text posts meme | 6/?

Dalton text posts meme | 4/?


As you all know, Dwight has friends back in Florida. 

In certain inauspicious days of the year, they get worried about him. ^^;

They act like they don’t, like Dwight can handle himself, but they worry alright. XD