Best of Hanover House:

  • Adam once smushed a cupcake into his cousin’s face when they were children.
  • Avery enforced that everyone treat Merril as a female.
  • Daniel once met Michael Phelps. He then saw Wes and screamed in his face. Wes immediately understood what happened.
  • Gavin met Oliver for the first time and screamed, “WHY IS THERE A KID!?”
  • Jeff returned from vacation with 68 dates to the school dance because he went to all the surrounding schools and asked them.
  • Justin likes to research the Victorian meanings to flowers, so if he gives flowers to anyone, they have the right meaning.
  • Merril likes to bundle Danny up and take care of him like a mother if he’s sick.
  • Nicholas has a crush on Thaddeus.
  • Oliver likes to stare so much that people think he’s creepy.
  • Parker tried to feed some sheep once, but it got out of hand and he was swarmed. He now doesn’t like animals as much.
  • Spencer once got punched in the balls by an orang-utan at the zoo because Sydney made him stand where she knew it’d happen.
  • Terrence’s father built the art hall and named it after his other father.
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